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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions

What makes Paripolo International Airport different from other companies?

We take the approach that every shipment is unique. Every shipment needs special attention and pricing that you will not get anywhere else. We earn your business with every shipment..

Why don’t you automate Truckload shipments?

We could have followed lesser automated systems but their pricing is fixed and if they cannot make their margin they often cancel your shipment. We take a more hands on approach. Our staff ensures that your specialized shipment is priced accordingly, there is no automation. You can rest assured that the pricing is fair, most times better than any freight quote you have received and your shipment will be covered. We manually call to find the best price and we do it quickly and efficiently. Think of us as a shipping manager for your company.

When would I use a freight carrier for shipping?

If your item weighs more than 150 lbs., a common carrier (One that is in the business of transporting the public, goods, or messages for a fee) is more economical than using a small package service. Common carriers transport your shipment with many others so that the costs for the transportation are shared. Typically, anything shipping that weighs over 20,000 lbs., or takes up more than 20 linear feet of a trailer, ships as a truckload. You also have the option of a dedicated trailer (exclusive use).

What is the difference between Common Carrier and Air Ride Shipping?

The best example is from Exhibitor Services website “A school bus versus a limousine”. Picture yourself riding in the back of a school bus. Remember the bumps it took and how it felt going down the road? Well, common carrier trailers have that same type of suspension as a school bus. A limousine has a very soft and smooth ride. This is because it has air shocks that give it that soft comfortable ride. That would be comparable to shipping on an air ride trailer.

What type of payments do you accept?

At Paripolo International Airport we accept VISA, M/C, Discover, BTC, Bank transfer, Wire transfer, Paypal, and gift cards, 15-day invoicing.

I ship to Tradeshows - can I ship back to back shows?

Yes, many of our clients do have multiple shows that they ship to. We can also schedule warehousing between shows if needed. When filling out the quote request you will be asked if it is to return back to origin or to another show.